Georgia Roulo


Healer of Home & Heart

Georgia Roulo offers her artistic flair and personal style to uplift your relationships, heal your heart, and enahnce your living spaces with beauty and balance. Georgia is available for guest speaking or seminars as well as personal relationship or heart-healing coaching. Contact her for creative photography, interior design and feng shui consulting.

  • Interior Design
  • Heart Healing
  • Photography

Contact me at: :: (773) 486 - 0997
Location: Chicago, Illinois


Interior Design with Feng Shui in Mind 

Interiors by Georgia

 Do you have have problem spaces - rooms that lack the joy you want - rooms that just don't work? We can do a room makeover - with or without buying any additional furniture - we'll do what works for you. 

 First we will analyse the space and furniture layout. We'll work with what you have, and/ or make a plan for what you might need in the future. It is fun to watch the transformation happen as we begin making on-the-spot changes for the better - perhaps using furniture items and or art from other rooms.

"Georgia Roulo has so many skills I don’t even know where to begin. She has a natural understanding of composition and design, making her an excellent photographer and interior designer. I hired Georgia to help me design a very complicated living space, which had impossible angles and low ceilings and strange turns and corners, and despite this, she managed to turn my living space into a place I couldn’t wait to go home to. All the while, she was patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable in the areas of Feng Shui, color coordination, furniture selection, and organization. Plus, she’s a joy to be around."
               ~Michelle Keefe

Are you moving into a new home? This is the perfect time to review what to keep and what to release. But most people need a little help making those decisions.

We can help you unpack your move in an orderly fashion while, at the same time, planning the interior design and organization of the space. We can help you discover your personal style to build spaces you love, while letting go of the "baggage" that holds you down.

"After ten years of caring for my parents, and another year of dealing with generations of 'stuff', I was ready for retiring in my own space and lifestyle. BUT I had way more that I could fit in my new condo - furniture that didn't match, family momentos dating back a hundred years, a library of books I was never going to re-read... Georgia was a lifesaver (and a SPACEsaver!) with her encouragement to let go of all but the items I truly loved and wanted to see in my space 24/7. Her artistic eye let us create an art gallery wall, position furniture in a functional arrangement, and bring balance the whole flat. She helped pick out paint colors and window coverings to complement the space with light and grace. Every time I enter my place my spirits are lifted!"
          ~David Loofbourrow

Heart &  Home Healing

BOOK: Wisdom to Heal and Love Again

COACHING: Heal Your Broken Heart and Home

Greeting Cards 

"For those with the feelings in search of the words."

"Romance the Love of Your Life"

Story Telling Photography


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